Dynamic Balancing Station Service

01 June, 2023

Optimize the performance of your machines and extend the life of your assets through our specialized Dynamic Balancing station service.

In OXenergy, we correct imbalances by precisely adding or removing mass in rotating elements, ensuring lower vibration levels and increased durability.

✅ Fans


✅ Francis Impellers and Pelton Impellers

✅ Rotors

✅ Squirrel Cage Rotor

✅ Rotors Protruding Poles

✅ Mill Masses

✅ Armatures

✅ Shafts

✅ Centrifugal Pump Impellers

We provide this service for any asset with a maximum capacity of up to 5 tons. Dimensions up to 1.5m in diameter and up to 2.9m in length, adapting to your specific needs through high quality standards and a high precision balancing degree under ISO 21940-11.

Request this service through our phone (506) 2433-8090 or via email ingenieria@oxenergy.com