40 Years full of Energy

about OXenergy

In 1984 Mr. Anibal Rodriguez started the ELECTROMOTORES project, with the greatest vision and commitment to quality services, a pillar of the organizational culture of the company until today.

With a significant reach of countries in Central America, the Caribbean and part of South America, we have decided to expand our business lines, so in 2022 we made a change in our trademark and became OXenergy, in order to expand our presence in the market and where thanks to our experience for over 40 years, we can offer integrated solutions to the industry, advise on the purchase of specialized products and perform the implementation of the same.

MISSION: To execute quality services in the region, through the application of specialized techniques with state-of-the-art technology and engineering procedures, based on international standards.

VISION: OXenergy will position itself as an internationally recognized authority in condition monitoring services and reconditioning of rotating electrical machines, by generating value to our customers.

QUALITY POLICY: OXenergy - Electromotores is a company dedicated to condition monitoring and reconditioning services for rotating electrical machines, by generating value for our customers.

To fulfill this purpose, we commit ourselves as an organization to the following aspects:

  • Ensure compliance with international standards through alliances and business partners
  • Attraction and development of talent
  • Modern production processes and professional project management
  • Promote innovation and continuous improvement of the quality management system
  • Comply with the legislation applicable to the activities that develops the organization
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